Soul Mates, The Importance of Girlfriends


And why is it that we can see our friends perfectly but when it comes to ourselves, no matter how hard we look, do we ever see ourselves clearly?
— Carrie Bradshaw

As I sit today in the Good Earth Coffeehouse {No paid advertising here but they really do make the BEST Chai Latte} I am surround by the most exquisite women. Some in fits of laughter, others in the throws of a deep and meaningful conversation, but all with one thing in common, connection. These women have chosen to come together to hear each other, to listen, and to let the other know they are loved and heard. These woman vary in age, race and religion, and it’s irrelevant because what truly matters is that they are engaged and present. No distractions, no worry of social media posting, no need for selfies or likes, they are simply happy to be in the present moment with each other. Aren’t those the best moments in life though, the ones that see hours pass with no recollection of time or surroundings.

As we grow older we often forget the importance of female relationships. We forget how much more we actually need girlfriends in our lives. Why? because they have the ability to make us laugh until we pee our pants {literally, don’t tell me I’m the only one}. They offer honest advice {you know the kind you don’t want to hear but NEED to hear} when it comes to our children, husbands, jobs, bosses and lives without an ounce of judgement or ridicule. They help us to escape for a brief moment in time and remind of us who we really are. They have seen us stripped down to our naked cores, all of our faults right there in front of them, and yet they love us fiercely. How many other people in your life can say the same? The ability to be honest, real and raw, is not easy but when we have someone who really cares, and listens with no judgement it becomes that much easier. Girlfriends are to be treasured. Those relationships are to be fed and nourished.

I smile as I see these women connecting and being each others support systems and yet I grieve for the lost connections of friends that have passed through but not stayed. I grieve for the friendships I didn’t fight hard enough for. I grieve for the relationships that I didn’t put the work in to, because relationships {all of them} are fucking hard work. And yet I remember that every person, every experience in life has a purpose, to teach us. Teach us lessons of self discovery. Lessons of love. Lessons of growth. The lessons are not always pleasant, and in fact the greatest lessons in life are those that in the moment, feel like they may destroy us {but they don’t because you are one strong badass woman!}. We must try to remember to embrace every single lesson and practice gratitude towards those that have taught them to us.

Embrace your girlfriends. Surround yourself with other strong, like-minded women for when we do we have the ability to be better humans. Better women. Better mothers. Better wives. Better bosses. Better versions of ourselves. The universe brings us girlfriends to be the soulmates we always wanted. As Samantha Jones once said “We made a deal ages ago…men, babies, it doesn’t matter. We’re soulmates.”

Keep Inspiring,

Stacey Foley